Marvel Mini Presentation Assignment


Intro to Mass Communication MARVEL MINI PRESENTATION

Point Value: 100 points    Due Date: (See sign up sheet in class for your specific due date)

Learning Objectives: Through using a class “case study” of Marvel Entertainment LLC’s operating divisions, intellectual property, staff, distribution partners and audiences students will familiarize themselves with the “circuit of culture” approach to researching the media industries. Students may choose any recent or historic Marvel related story in the trade press or paper of record. The purpose of the assignment is to encourage independent research and opportunity for crowd sourcing knowledge among students.

Examples of Trade Press sources and papers of record (Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Wired, Variety, AdAge, Broadcasting & Cable, Gamasutra, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer).

Master Course Outcomes/Competencies met: The assignment provides the opportunity for students to both understand and explain a specific media form, market segment or media event that has an impact on society. Students may also use this assignment to explore the responsibilities of specific mass communication jobs/careers.

Assignment: visit a number of online media industry trade press sources to find a media industry news item about any aspect of Marvel that personally interests you and/or relates in some way to your career interests.  Select a story that you will orally summarize in class. Be prepared to discuss how the story relates to readings/class lectures. You will sign up for a day to present. Presentation should take approximately 5 minutes.  If you miss your scheduled day to present you will receive a zero. No make ups allowed.  EMAIL LINK TO ME the night before you present.

Presentation should include:

  • Date the story was published and title of story. The story can be recent or historical. Learning Commons librarians can assist you with finding an older story.
  • A statement of which trade press site or paper published the story, and if applicable who wrote the story.
  • A statement of which aspects of the “circuit of culture” this story addresses
  • A brief summary of the story
  • A statement of why you chose to present this story
  • A statement of how you think the story applies to what we are learning in class.
  • A statement of how learning about the story you chose expanded your understanding of mass communication/the media Industries.

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